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Teachers Profiles
My name is Dawn Smith and I have ran The Daisy Foundation Bishopbriggs, Killearn & Surrounding Areas for over 3 years. A path which I found after having my 2 kids who are 4 & 6 years old. My big passion is for supporting pregnant people and families. I do this through a range of classes/workshops/meet-ups & online support. Supporting families from 14 weeks pregnant until baby is 2 years old.

I facilitate Daisy Birthing Classes, which are classes for pregnant people from 14 weeks pregnant to Birth, Helping them prepare for their Birthing Day. Daisy Parent, Active Birth Workshop & Infant Feeding Workshop are workshops for couples from 30 weeks, that cover topics such as Active Birth, Baby Preparation and Infant Feeding topics. Daisy Baby classes suitable from 6 weeks old to baby is 18 months old. These classes are broken down into 3 classes to cover the appropriate age range. Tinies, Wrigglers & Cruisers. And finally Daisy Mama suitable for postnatal mums from 6 weeks to baby is 2 years old, this class helps mums to reconnect with body and focus on themselves for 1 hour per week.
I also offer Birth Doula Services as a Badass Doula.

The New Dawn Wellbeing Hub will be an extension of what I have provided over the last couple of years. Allowing a wider community to be reached with Yoga classes, mindfulness classes and much more to come.
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Laura Carney Yoga Alliance Professional approved teacher.

I began practicing yoga in 2010 as a means to manage pain for lower back issues following the birth of my son . The strength and confidence gained from my practise lead me to completing my Teacher Training in 2017 with Infinity Integrated where I studied Hatha, Vinyasa, Moksha and Hot Yoga styles followed by Yin Teacher Training with Chi Therapeutics in 2018.

Yoga has now become an integral part of my life it has the power to transform lives. In my classes I aim to share my knowledge and understanding to allow my students to find that deep connection with themselves to enhance their lives in a positive way.
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I’m a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher specialising in Pre/Post Natal and Parent/Baby Classes.

I also teach Kids Yoga in some schools around Glasgow and love to teach Yoga for Sports Performance Enhancement to some professional sporting teams.

I am a Bootcamp and Suspended Bodyweight Instructor and enjoy weight lifting. I also teach fitness and yoga classes at Glasgow University.

Being an artist at heart; my weapon of choice is a paintbrush! In my spare time I love to read, write, create art and I thoroughly enjoy aerial circus training!

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I have been practicing yoga for almost 15yrs and attended my first yoga class in London in my early 20s to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and stressful job. My focus at this time was building physical strength and flexibility, however fast forward 10 years, a move back to Scotland, a husband and 2 kids later and that is when I discovered and fell in love with Forrest Yoga, all thanks to my wonderful friend and senior Forrest Yoga teacher Yoga with Katie.

Forrest Yoga has not only changed my yoga focus, realising and appreciating the philosophical and spiritual aspects of a strong yoga practice but my whole life. It has taught me how to breathe properly, how to feel in my own body, how to slow down and how to make space. I am passionate about showing my students the wonderful benefits this practice has to offer, both on and off the mat.

When I am not teaching yoga, I love to spend time with my husband, son and daughter, going on family adventures or cooking delicious food. I am really looking forward to seeing some of you on the mat!

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Hi, my name is Kirstyn and I offer guided meditation classes at New Dawn Wellbeing Hub. I will offer anxiety, emotional wellbeing, and empowerment.


You can find me on Facebook at Kindfulness Kik

After being a stay at home mum for eight and a half years I decided to embark on a career in counselling.

I had previously studied psychology in a social sciences course and have always been fascinated with the mind and it’s abilities, along the way I found that the anxiety that I had suffered my whole life was starting to stand in my way.

After studying hypnotherapy, mindfulness and attending guided meditation courses I was able to realise that fighting my anxiety was not helping me and so I found acceptance in having anxiety and have learned coping mechanisms to help me deal with anxiety in a positive and healthy way.

I owe this to what I have learned throughout my journey in study. And since then I have wanted to create these classes.

I have always found positive affirmations to be helpful and I promote kindness in all aspects of my life.


I have had a goal for three years to be able to offer guided meditation classes that include mindfulness and kind mind strategies.

I have worked hard to achieve qualifications in hypnotherapy and counselling that allow me to incorporate progressive muscle relaxation techniques teamed with my learnings from Cognitive behavioural therapy, Mindfulness and Neuro Linguistic Programming to offer appropriate scripts to guide meditations and I am passionate about empowering those that I engage with to be mindful of thinking kinder thoughts , using powerful positive affirmations.

I have had experience volunteering these sessions and have had great responses.

These classes will provide a safe space for people to relax and gain helpful tools to help with anxiety, stress, day to day issues and more.

It can sometimes be a struggle to turn off intrusive thoughts to allow yourself to have a quiet mind and in my classes I will offer techniques to help overcome this.

Mindfulness allows us to be present in the moment and practice the act of awareness.

Kindfulness allows us to respond to ourselves with more compassion and acceptance, with self love, this can be then extended to others.


Love and Kindness, Kik

Liz McVey
My name is Liz McVey, I am a qualified Dru Yoga teacher with 200 Hours training. I developed Simply Yoga With Liz with support from local Charity GRACE. I am a mature lady who enjoys practicing Dru Yoga and sharing the wide range of effects Yoga has on our Physical and Emotional wellbeing. I have attended many yoga classes throughout my life and realised the massive benefits it had given me, therefore, I wanted to train and deliver Simply Yoga With Liz.  My personal journey and passion is to deepen the Yoga experience and share my knowledge with people in the community. The future holds exciting times ahead; currently I am training towards Advanced Practitioners Diploma (A.P.D.) and recently registered to start a Children and Teens yoga training course. Dru yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities and can be adapted to suit all individuals through modification of postures. Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. Set firmly in ancient yogic traditions, Dru works on body, mind and spirit, improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxes and rejuvenates your whole being.
“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self” The Bhagavad Gita
You can contact Liz on Facebook: Simply Yoga with LIZ
Simran Daya Kaur

My Name is Simran Daya Kaur. I teach Yoga in Bishopbriggs Glasgow area. I first started attending Kundalini Yoga classes in 2014 after a request from a friend. Straightaway I fell in love with Kundalini Yoga. At that time I did not even know who Yogi Bhajan was or where this yoga came from. My understanding to know things came after having experience with Kundalini Yoga. After attending a few years of weekly Kundalini classes in Glasgow, I signed up for the teacher training in 2016 to have a deeper experience, again never knowing one day that I would be teaching. During the course the thought of teaching was scary for me. Hey, here I am now teaching classes and workshops with such confidence. Kundalini Yoga has given me grounding space where I can grow at my own pace. It has made me stronger, confident and I know my stand in the world full of maya (illusion and distractions). Whenever I get lost my daily practice always bring me back to the grounding space.

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Catriona McKillop

My name is Catriona McKillop. I have 25 years experience as a Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor and 15 years experience as a primary school teacher and lecturer in Health and Social Care. This background, my wealth of education and knowledge has prepared me to deliver engaging, relevant and potentially life saving First Aid classes.

I will deliver practical classes in First Aid for babies and children in a friendly and welcoming environment. I will prepare you to be calm and teach you how to take action quickly and confidently in a situation that requires first aid.  I am passionate about ensuring that parents have the knowledge and understanding enabling them to react and deal with the variety of accidents that can happen at home and at play. I illustrate my teaching from my experiences as a mum, a Teacher and a Health Visitor.  Accidents happen - they are part of real life - learn how to respond, know that you can take care of your child, make them feel safe and secure.

The First Aid sessions are for all parents, grandparents or carers who want to be able to respond confidently in an accident or emergency situation.

As well as delivering First Aid courses. I am a registered facilitator with Care for The Family and can also deliver parenting workshops - Dealing with the tricky toddler/Parenting in the Early Years – Parenting in the Primary Years - Parenting Teenagers.

I am also a keen gardener and thrive on being outdoors and teaching others the joys of gardening. From this I have learned to grow a lot of my own food and have researched the benefits of Good Mood Food and the Power of the Mind. I run events for those who want to learn more.

I also tutor children who find learning tricky and specialise in those who have reading, writing and spelling difficulties.

I can be found on Facebook:
My website is

Donna Gibson
About me:
Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years. I practiced it on and off in the beginning but I was always drawn back to it every time because of how it made me feel. I felt so nurtured, relaxed and peaceful afterwards. I went on to qualify as a Yoga Teacher 4 years ago and have also ran my own studio The Chakra Hut before having my little girl.

Yoga has helped me through many phases and transitions in my life from trying to conceive, pregnancy and now the ups and downs of motherhood. Yoga helps you to stay calm, patient and present as well as stretching and strengthening your body which is really needed on the journey into motherhood!

I will be running pregnancy and post-natal Yoga classes at New Dawn Wellbeing Hub to share its benefits with other mums and mums to be.

About the class:

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, which creates stress on you mentally and physically. Pregnancy yoga focuses on poses for pregnant women, in order to increase strength and stretch out those parts that really need it during pregnancy!

It will help to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for an easier and more comfortable labour.

The classes are also all about creating a community so we can all support each other throughout this blossoming into motherhood.

We will end the class with Yoga Nidra so you can float off home to bed feeling relaxed and nurtured.

Suitable for those who have never done Yoga before.

For further info and booking visit my Facebook Page: Yoga with Donna G 

      Unit 44a, 100-102 Crowhill Road, Bishopbriggs, G64 1RP