New Dawn Birth Doula

My name is Dawn Smith (she/her)
I am an experienced Perinatal Educator & Kick-Ass Doula, having trained with Badass Birth Jen Muir to gain further knowledge to support you before your birth, during your birth and even after your birth.

So What is a Doula?? You may ask:

The term “Doula” originated from Greek language and it means “woman servant”.  It is one of the most ancient roles in Human Civilisation.  Thankfully, the role and meaning of a Doula has moved with the times also. 


There are different ways people will describe a Doula. 

One is ‘A non-clinical professional present during pregnancy, birth & the postpartum period’

Another is ‘Doulas are present to serve the labouring person as they work hard to bring baby into this world, for both physical and emotional support.’

Doulas are pursuing their passion for pregnancy, babies & birth.

Labour and delivery are the most precious and intense parts of life and a Doula’s sole role is to serve and support the labouring person and birth team.

There is a Doula out there for everybody, and for it to be magic it is important you get the right Doula for you.


Each individual will be looking for something different from their support team.


And the benefits of a Doula are well proven:


Evidence-Based Birth states the use of a Doula means there is a:

·       31% decrease in the use of Pitocin

·       28% decrease in the risk of caesarean section

·       12% increase in the likelihood of spontaneous            vaginal birth

·       9% decrease in the use of pain relief                            medications

·       14% decrease in the risk of new-borns                          admitted to NICU

·       34% decrease in risk of being dissatisfied with            the birth experience.


Birth is intense, a Doula can provide a calm, encouraging presence, which can eliminate fear and therefore decrease pain.  


Well informed & non-judgemental Doula support helps the birthing women/person to adjust when circumstances deviate from their ideal birth plan.  


Guidance and encouragement minimise fear & anxiety.  This leads to increased parental satisfaction.  

If a Doula is something you are interested in, Let's chat:

I offer 1 FREE Interview 
(this allows us to get to know each other a little and this is important as the Doula you chose has to feel right for you.)

My Package includes:

*Travel of up to 90 minutes from my location (Milton of Campsie).
*Up to 3 Meetings/appointments (2 hours maximum) prior to Birth, where we can discuss whatever you wish.

Cover any antenatal education and active birth techniques if you wish to use them.

Signposting for research.

Access to my book collection for Birth.
*Help with Birth Plan if you wish. Birth plans are shown to be such an amazing tool for labour as they help your prepare before hand and have your wishes available at the drop of a hat on the day of your birth.
*Access to 1 x 6 week course of Daisy Birthing in Bishopbriggs OR 1 x Active Birth Workshop for yourself & Birth Partner. These courses are FEDANT approved and very popular with parents-to-be.

*Present for the Birth, we can discuss when I would be attending, taking into consideration travel.

*During Birth I will be there to support in whatever way has been discussed prior.

My knowledge lies within Active Birthing, Breathing techniques, movements, affirmations and relaxation. 

*Access to a CUB for Birth.

*1 visit after birth up to 2 hours.


My price for this complete package is:



This can be paid as a 1-off, or we can arrange a suitable payment plan.


A deposit will be required to book my services.

Contact me on:

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